Brooks Walthall Bio

Brooks Walthall was born in Little Rock, AR on August 27, 1964.  

The day after graduating from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Brooks moved to Bowling Green, KY to complete a master's degree and manage an on-campus nightclub.  It was while living in Bowling Green that Brooks started his first band, a bluegrass group called "The Dangling Participles."  Playing in virtually every club in the southern Kentucky area, the 'Participles' mixed traditional bluegrass instrumentation and attitude with contemporary and classic rock to form an early version of jam-grass. 

After graduating from Western Kentucky University, Brooks moved to Greeley, Colorado.  After playing as a solo acoustic performer, and then in an acoustic duo, Brooks helped start "The Kind," a touring band that played primarily original songs.  The Kind toured the west, opened a national tour for Pauley Shore, and released a CD titled "Anybody, Nobody, Who?" that sold out its printing.  

When the band split up, a job offer in higher education pulled Brooks back to Arkansas in 1994, and he moved back to a position with UCA, his alma mater, in 1996.  In 1996, Brooks helped start acoustic-rock group "Marbles," who performed in central Arkansas at festivals, private clubs, and other functions.  

In 1998, Brooks started his own recording studio and record label (Lo-Fi Recording), eventually recording most of the popular acoustic music performers in Central Arkansas, and producing several live discs of area shows and events.  As the bass player of Happenstance, Brooks gets to hold the rhythm section duties for their original songs as well as sing lead and harmony, and it makes him very happy.

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