Hard On Me
Doug Coppock

Hard on me, Hard on you 
Why do we try to keep it together we both know we're through
Hard on you, Hard on me 
I won't change my life to keep you, don't you see 

The reasons go on forever 
As far as the eye can see
There's nothing wrong with you girl 
There's nothing wrong with me 
But we just can't stay together 
We're only dragging each other down 
And the rumors are growing and our feelings are showing 
Soon we'll be the talk of the town 

(Repeat Chorus)

It doesn't seem so long ago
Our river was peaceful and wide
But in a white water canyon, my loving companion
Suddenly slipped from my side
And now she's tasted freedom, I had almost forgotten
How sweet freedom's taste can be
Now we're like two horses pulling in different directions
I think that it's time we were set free

(Repeat Chorus)

Words and Music © by Doug Coppock