So Long Sweet City
Doug Coppock

As I look back in my rear view mirror
I say goodbye to all I've known before
So long clouded minds and crowded freeways
Adios to old what's his name next door
I can't say I wish I'd never lived here
But I can say I'm glad I said goodbye
My friends all tell me I will miss you
I say that I can't imagine why

Won't you give me back my time sweet city
The good Lord knows that I wasted plenty there
I'll just take what's mine sweet city
And I'll be gone and you won't really care

I'm going away to see just where them flowers grow
Where that good clean air cuts through you like a knife
I'm not trying to run away from living
I just want my lady and my kids to share my life
They tell me I'll be back in 5 or 6 months
I just tell them good luck, but I don't think so
They're all wishing somewhere down inside themselves
That they was just half nuts enough to go


I was on my way to work the other morning
With several thousand people that I don't know
I looked over into the outbound lane
I saw a smiling face and said "hello" (how ya doing?)
Went a little bit farther down the freeway
There were tail lights blinking just as far as the human eye could see
Then as if somebody flipped my switch on
I knew that face in the outbound lane was me


Words and Music © by Doug Coppock