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Happenstance Acoustic Americana Music
Doug Coppock Guitar, Vocals
                              Brooks Walthall
Bass, Vocals
Dan Clanton Guitar, Vocals


Visitors since February 2005
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What people are saying about Happenstance:

Good songs, and a lot of very spirited good energy - positive things to say about love, and long time relationships, and overcoming obstacles. - Steve Gillette Singer-Songwriter

"Happenstance is a real team of a band. Everyone works together to spin their parts into recordings and performances that slip over you like long lost flannel shirts. These guys are somehow both fresh and familiar, and their warm harmonies and tight playing go down easy." - Tom Kimmel Singer-Songwriter

Happenstance is a Southern-fried Crosby, Stills & Nash. Three veteran Arkansas folksingers combine their songs and voices for a whole that's even greater than its talented parts. - Steve Brooks Singer-Songwriter

Real songs by and about real people. I get a feeling after listening that I know these guys. Oh, wait. I DO know these guys! - Eric Schwartz Singer-Songwriter

An honesty of intent that is rare these days. You can just feel how much fun they're having. It comes shining right through in every song. - Still on the Hill (Donna and Kelly)

I was delighted - found myself smiling and agreeing with the stories - then thinking 'I need to cover some of these tunes’. - Jack Motley Singer-Songwriter

Great music from great people...and some of the most mouth-watering harmonies you will hear. - Andi C. Renfree with 2-Bit Palomino

You guys are a great addition to our festival and a hit every year. - Mike Nave, member of the Woody Guthrie Coalition Board of Directors

A highly entertaining trio with delightful energy providing close harmony and skillful musicianship. Our audience praised their performance and is eager for their return." - Bruce Boldt, President, Prairie Wind Folk Showcase, Windom, MN

They just happen to be Good Folks, have Good Fun and play Good music with some smooth sailing harmonies. That's just Happenstance! - David Walls, O Susanna Concerts, Blytheville AR

These three talented musicians delivered the cleanest, sharpest, and most professional show that we’ve seen in the nearly two years that the Music Hall has been in operation. [Their] original tunes clearly demonstrated their talent and love for music and their ability to send meaningful messages to those listening.” - Rich Fischer, Calico Rock (Arkansas) Music Hall Managing Partner (from a review published in the White River Current newspaper)

THANK YOU again for your wonderful performance....I've heard several compliments on your music and how much it added to the event! - Sarah Sewell with the Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library in Benton, Arkansas

It's just plain good music, nice harmonies, snappy melodies, lyrics that make sense, and a consistently upbeat message. - Peter Read “Nightflying”

(Happenstance) impressed with solid songwriting and playing. - Jim Harris (Entertainment Editor) AR Times review

Happenstance turned in a beautifully put-together set at the Brick Street Cafe official Festival venue - Their WG song Deportee was lavishly arranged, with trading off leads, English and Spanish verses and three-part harmony on the chorus. They were also invited to perform an additional set at Brick Street. - Joy Hance, in a “Nightflying” article about the 2007 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

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