HAPPENSTANCE is a trio of acoustic singer-songwriters who play original music, sing great harmony, and challenge their audience to have as much fun as they do.  With a collective experience of over 70 years of professional entertainment, HAPPENSTANCE is the perfect fit for all types of venues, functions, and audiences.  Drawing from an extensive list of original material as well as the occasional unexpected cover song, HAPPENSTANCE always gets the audience involved in the show and makes sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

'Electrifying Acousticana' is the term that we use when people say "What kind of music do you play?"  We don't always know what to tell them, but 'electrifying acousticana' is as close as we've been able to come.  Drawing upon acoustic music and Americana primarily, we play a melting pot of musical genres, styles, and influences that all combine to form 'electrifying acousticana'. 

HAPPENSTANCE is proud to have been added to the roster of the "Arkansas Arts Council Arts On Tour" program beginning with the 2005 season (which begins in July). Here's a link to Happenstance on their website.

We came together purely by HAPPENSTANCE after Dan Clanton and Doug Coppock began talking about songwriting, performing, and collaborating on a project while they were at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  Both Dan and Doug are singer-songwriters who were looking for a new format that would allow them to move beyond the limitations of solo performance while maintaining the intimacy and emotion of acoustic coffeehouses.  When they returned home to Conway, Arkansas, purely by HAPPENSTANCE, bassist Brooks Walthall was looking for a new way to channel his talent, experience, and interest in acoustic music and HAPPENSTANCE was born.  We perform original songs that mirror the varied backgrounds and influences of its members.  From West Texas twang to Delta Blues and everything in-between, HAPPENSTANCE sings songs of everyday people and extraordinary circumstances.  

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