The Great White North Tour

January 2006

The GWNT was great! We took some pictures, and they're not really ready for prime time (but here they are anyway).

Click here for the evidence, er, um... pictures, that is...

We left here early Friday AM on the 20th and made it to Christo's Pub in Lincoln Nebraska in time for sound check and then on to check in at our motel. We drove through some heavy sleet and moderate snow between Kansas City MO and where we turned west and headed for Lincoln, but nothing really hazardous. When we turned and headed for Lincoln, the snow stopped and what was on the ground disappeared. I didn't even look like it had been snowing in Lincoln. The gig was okay... you know how bars are... not too many people paying attention, but the management was pleased (and extremely hospitable) and we might make it back there if we need a connecting gig someday. I took some pictures from the stage, and I swear, that waitress just happened to walk into my view as I was taking them... there was no intention to get her into the frame AT ALL!!
We had a real nice breakfast the next morning and headed out to Windom Minnesota for the Prairie Wind Showcase. The further north we went, the more snow was on the ground. When we got to our host's house (Bruce Boldt)  and we got out of the car, we found that all the snow had pretty much turned to ice. It never really got too far above freezing while we were there, but the weather was clear and gave us no real problems. The gig was absolutely great. Had a very good opening act. Steve Klassen had some excellent songs and Randy Loewen provided some very nice lead licks for him. Randy doubled as the sound man and he made us sound great!!  We sold a goodly number of CDs to a crowd of about 55-60 people. One of the regulars said we put on one of the best shows they had ever had up there. Judging from the caliber of those that have come through Prairie Wind, that made us feel pretty good. Bruce and Jen (his wife) fed us chili before the gig and pancakes the next morning before we lit out for Ames IA. We must be living right!! (Thanks Jen!)
Sunday morning as we headed south for Ames Iowa, the ever present white horizon gave way to splotchy snow here and there. It was still cold in Ames, but not like in Minnesota. The Ames Library deal was pretty kewl! It was at 2PM and the Ames Library is huge and was open to anyone who wanted to wander into the room where we played. I think we may have had at least one homeless couple in there. The rest of the crowd ran the gamut from housewives and their kids to people serious about coming to hear some music. Judging from the size of the room and the number of chairs they had set out, I guess we had a normal crowd... 25-30 people. We sold some CDs and the folks that bought them stayed and talked to us for quite a while. Danny Santos turned us on to that gig and we will forever be grateful to him. We had to drag our minimal PA up just for that gig (all we needed were our guitars, mikes, and DI boxes for the rest of the gigs), but to play one 50 minute set and get paid well was pretty sweet.
We had a nice meal in Des Moines on our way back down to KC MO where we spent the night Sunday and came on home Monday. We checked our financial status on Monday morning and we all headed for home quite pleased that we were able to do the GWNT, pay expenses and actually make some money, which is quite nice considering how much fun we had!